Amazing Selling Machine Review: Should You Get Into Amazon FBA?

written byAaron Chen

If you are here reading this Amazing Selling Machine Review, chances are that you have come across ASM, and are wondering if Amazon FBA is right for you and if you can make money with this business model.

At the end of this review, I will also reveal a better alternative that has allowed me to earn full time passive income online.

In this Amazing Selling Machine Review, we will shed light on the following areas;

We Give Amazing Selling Machine
4/5 Stars

1.     Who Is Behind Their Training Program?

2.     How Does Amazing Selling Machine Work?

3.     What Is In Their Training Modules?

4.     How Much Does Amazing Selling Machine Cost?

5.     What Are Its Pros And Cons

5.1.  Pros

5.2.  Cons

6.     Is It Worth The Price?

7.     Is It A Scam?

8.     Final Thoughts

What Is Amazing Selling Machine?

Amazing selling machine, also ASM, is a popular Amazon FBA course. It features about 8 weeks of material all done online. It includes coaching in forms of calls, and is comprised of a community of ASM sellers, and a private vault full of resources. The program is customized to train new ASM sellers the tricks they need to be successful at Amazon’s FBA program, even those with zero experience.

The beauty of the program is that it equips the seller with skills that take guesswork out of running an ecommerce store on Amazon. It takes you through each step methodically, helping you set up a thriving Amazon FBA experience.

The course includes product research and selection, assessing suppliers and your product inventory, setting up a brand from scratch, generating converting content for your listings, product launch, marketing products and generating leads as well as scaling your FBA to generate 7 figures.

Who Is Behind The Amazing Selling Machine Training Program?

Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback set up Amazing Selling Machines in 2012. They are two individuals who have also founded other thriving business. Others who also take part in teaching the program’s modules include Rich Henderson and Mike McClary.

They teach in a way that makes it fun even for someone who has zero knowledge, which is how you building successful sellers. John runs philanthropic initiatives and is also a serious business entrepreneur.

He claims to have generated close to $120m in revenue. Matt previously worked in the energy trading sector as an analyst.

How Does Amazing Selling Machine Work?

At the core of the ASM program are three important elements; an 8-week training course, a mentorship program and a private community. The 8-week program has close to 100 well prepared training videos with information regarding how to choose products, engaging influencers, and taking sales to a higher level.

Technically, the modules in this course are supposed to be covered in 8 weeks, but you can do it in less time. The mentorship program that ASM runs is made up of individuals who have gone through the program and found great success. They are there to guide new members through setting up a store, answer questions you may have and offer advice on marketing and optimizing your webpage.

The Amazing Selling Machine community was set up to help new sellers tackle obstacles relating to setting up a store. More often than not, the issues that new sellers may face, have already been handled by someone else in the community. All you have to do is ask for help, rather than attempting to solve it yourself.

What Is In The Amazing Selling Machine Training Modules?

The ASM training course is structured into 8 modules, 9 including its introduction and overview.

The modules are laid out as follows;

Module 1 – talks about curating a list of product opportunities

Module 2 – details margins, sourcing products, and handling yourself with professionalism

Module 3 – teaches you how to order an inventory and creating a brand

Module 4 – ensuring that your product launches successfully

Module 5 – this teaches you the components of an ideal product list

Module 6 – an ideal product rollout

Module 7 – advanced traffic and marketing tools

How Much Does It Cost?

If you would like to take the ASM course, be ready to part with $4997 upfront. It’s not cheap. Alternatively, you can make partial payments, each worth $997.

The cost of the course includes more than 100 instructional videos, mentorship, coaching, and access to their resource vault. Also, they offer a one-month money back guarantee as well as a success guarantee valid for 6 months. Not bad ;)

The program does not offer any discounts, but they do offer membership discounts for tools that you need to complete the course such as JungleScout.

Amazing Selling Machine Pros And Cons?


  • Their program covers all the important information

  • They update their course each year

  • Their online forum is very active

  • One of the best Amazon FBA courses in the market


  • They do not offer a content marketing tactic, so it may be difficult to generate traffic

  • They do not teach how to runs ads on Facebook

  • Not everyone can afford this high priced program

  • Amazon FBA as a business model is low profit, requires high volume of sales to make big money and at least $10,000 (excluding the price of this course) of a budget to get started

Is Amazing Selling Machine Worth The Price?

Let’s face it, the ASM course is expensive, and way out of range of some people. It very likely to put some people off the first time they come across it. You may be really entrepreneurial and all, but coughing out $5k just like that for an Amazon FBA course is tough. Especially when there are other Amazon courses selling for $1k.

But here's how you can possibly look at it...

Think about the gain you will derive from what they teach you, and not the price. ASM’s stats claim the average revenue their students generate, upon completing the course, is at more than $60,000 each year. So, the argument that you are investing your $5k to raise $60k is valid, isn’t it?

Remember though, it’s 60k in revenue, NOT profit. Amazon FBA courses usually quote in revenue which means that the profit you actually take home is much much lower. Profit margins are commonly around 20% because of the high cost of doing this type of business.

(Costs include - purchasing product upfront, paid ads, tools to run the business, Amazon fees, low sales margins).

12k profit for the year in this example.

Not exactly earth shattering.

Is Amazing Selling Machine A Scam?

The program isn’t a scam.

It’s actually one of the best Amazon FBA courses in the market IF you decide you want to go down this path. You can learn everything there is to know about Amazon FBA, but there is no guarantee that you will rake in big money in the end.

It’s not a get rich quick sort of thing.

Be ready to wait at least a year for your business to see profitability.

Here Is Our Amazing Selling Machine Video Review

Amazing Selling Machine Review - Final Thoughts

On the face of it, the Amazing Selling Machine is a great program that can teach you important things about Amazon FBA. The price and the information we have listed in the cons sections are worth considering before buying into the program.

I do feel that if you are to start a business online, it’s important to take into consideration a few things…

  • Profit Margins

  • Scalability

  • Automation

  • Overall Cost

  • Barrier To Entry

There is one strategy that has made me over a million dollars and has all of these things and that’s affiliate marketing.

Yes! Selling other people’s products.

Yes! Selling other people’s products.

Affiliate Marketing done THIS WAY.


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