Boss Babe Review: Should You Try To Become An Influencer?

written byAaron Chen

We Give Boss Babe
4/5 Stars

Welcome to our Boss Babe Review. Here, we are looking to answer a question that most of you have, that is, can you make money with Boss Babe, or it just one of the many scams online?

At the end of this review, I will also reveal a better alternative that has allowed me to earn full time passive income online.

In this Boss Babe review, we will address the following points:

1.     What is Boss Babe?

2.     Who is its founder?

3.     What does the Boss Babe course offer?

4.     Do they have a refund policy?

5.     Is the program a scam or legit?

6.     What we like about the program

7.     What we don’t like about the Boss Babe program

What we don’t like about the Boss Babe program

This is a platform that was built to address one main goal: help women who are looking to start their own entrepreneurial ventures start and grow digitally. The program teaches women how they can achieve all this through building membership sites, marketing, launching courses, services, products, and by leveraging other women who have made it.

Who Is Boss Babe’s Founder?

The program was created by a Danielle Canty and Natalie Ellis. Both have found success teaching the things that have worked for them in their entrepreneurial journeys.

This seems like a good thing because it portrays them to be people who understand what they are teaching. Natalie, for instance, has over 230,000 followers in Instagram. Which is a good number.

The same goes for Danielle, who has over 78,000 Instagram followers. Clearly both know a thing or two about being an influencer which is a good sign.

What Does The Boss Babe Course Offer?

The Boss Babe program is structured into five unique courses, a big community and a number of program bonuses to help their newbies reach their goals. The course is structured as follows;

The Societe

This is a course only accessible to members. It costs about $37 a month, and consists of updated content, coaching calls, various ways to earn online. It is best suited for newbies who are yet to decide which route to follow.

Online Launch School

This course was created to help people learn how to create and roll out their services or products. This course costs $997 total. It is made up of 12 different modules whose content is as follows

  • Launching an offer

  • Messaging kit and product marketing

  • Developing a launch brief

  • Launch element structure

  • Pre-launch

  • Launch program

  • Pre-launch

  • Automated sales with YouTube

  • How to create a conversion copy

  • Managing Facebooks advertising

Insta Influence Kit

This kit is meant to help you grow a following on your Instagram page. It costs $37, and is a one-off payment. The course is broken down into;

  • Insta influencer kit – this gives you access to master templates the two have used to grow their following

  • Batching workflow – this teaches you how to create viral content in batch form

  • Viral content bank – here, you have access about 15 performing posts that have helped Boss Babe grow its following

Content Masterclass

This course is structured into 8 unique modules, and their main focus is to show ways to create high quality content to grow your following. The modules are structures as follows;

  • Nature of content to post

  • Creating the Boss Base confidence

  • Creating a unique content style

  • How to increase your Instagram reach

  • Styling and editing your content

  • Monetizing your content

This course will cost you about $149.

Instagram Growth Accelerator DIY

You can also opt into the Instagram growth accelerator DIY course if your main goal is to grow as an influencer on Instagram. This course will cost you $997. Here is a breakdown of what it will teach you

  • How to attract an ideal client

  • How to create content stories

  • Profile seeding and adding value

  • How to transform captions and contents through copywriting

  • Developing and implementing a visual branding strategy

  • How to create and edit videos

Does Boss Babe Have A Refund Policy?

Boss Babe offers a 14-day refund policy, allowing get the money you paid them if the program does not meet your expectations. However, you must complete a few hurdles before they refund your money. One of the requirements is that you have to show you tried the program and went through their course.

That’s fair considering they have put a lot of work into the program. It’s not for window shoppers. Don’t buy programs if you’re not serious about your earning potential and future.

If they approve your refund request, you will be issued your money less $250 because this is what they charge as cancellation fee. Which is probably the only downside of this refund policy.

Is Boss Babe A Scam Or Legit?

Some people think it is a scam because of how the program is named, but it is not. This site is here to teach you how to make money marketing your services or products by leveraging social media. However, it is not an easy thing to do.

Learning to become an Influencer through social media is one of the toughest ways to make money online. It’s like pushing a boulder up a mountain. It’s possible, but very hard. Their course creation product is good though. Creating something online to sell is never a bad thing.

Also their content creation trainings are very good.

The real problem here is HOW do you get the word out. They have been very successful with Instagram, but a word of caution, organic Instagram the way they teach is NOT an easy route. It takes months and years of high quality content and consistency before you see any real results. And a lot of the time, even with great content, your IG channel just doesn't grow the way you think it should.

It's a tough beast to master.

Here Is Our Boss Babe Video Review

Boss Babe Pros And Cons?


  • The founders are big influencers on Instagram

  • They offer quality course content

  • They teach a variety of methods to make money online


  • Only certain types of women will be ready for this course

  • They have a $250 cancellation fee (which isn't great)

  • It is a tough model for newbies, especially organic Instagram

Final Take On Boss Babe

As mentioned above, there are good parts and not so great parts about this program. Course creation is great if you are experienced and know what you want to sell. If you’re NOT a creator, coach, consultant or have an idea of what you want to sell online, then less so.

Also building it all on Instagram alone is a hard road to follow.

It’s extremely competitive, and Instagram’s algorithm is VERY unforgiving.

Don’t get me wrong, you can do great on Instagram if you know how, and have unlimited time, but it’s a long hard road for beginners.

I do feel that if you are to start a business online, it’s important to take into consideration a few things…

  • Profit Margins

  • Scalability

  • Automation

  • Overall Cost

  • Barrier To Entry

And Affiliate Marketing done in THIS WAY, is the best way to have all these things and get into the money quick and realistically.


This is the industry that allowed me to 5X my old work salary and quit that job in April 2019 and travel the world.

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