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CashBaron is a mobile app that offers users the chance to earn money by completing various tasks and participating in surveys. Like most apps, CashBaron pays you for every task you perform. The question is, will it be worth your time and how much do they pay?

I decided to test it myself to better understand its functionality and how it stacks up against comparable apps. In this evaluation of the CashBaron app, I will provide you with comprehensive information so you can clearly understand what to anticipate.

Please read on, and by doing so, you can decide whether to download this app. Without further delay, let us now delve into a detailed examination of CashBaron.

What Is CashBaron?

CashBaron is a legitimate GPT (Get-Paid-To) app that offers monetary rewards for completing surveys and participating in paid offers. While it claims to provide actual payment for these earning opportunities, assessing its value before investing your time is essential.

Before you can determine if CashBaron is worth your efforts, it is crucial to understand how the app operates and the level of commitment required to earn from it.

The critical factor in this assessment is examining the platform's various earning opportunities. Therefore, let's explore how you can generate income through CashBaron.

Key Features

Paid Offers

CashBaron predominantly features paid offers that revolve around playing mobile games, while some offers involve downloading other mobile applications.

In the case of game-related offers, it is often necessary to reach a specific level within the game to receive the designated reward.

It is important to note that completing a paid offer can be time-consuming, as it requires a significant investment of your time. Upon successfully finishing an offer, you will receive the promised reward of a specific number of coins, which will then be added to your account balance.

I will explore the possibilities of utilizing earned coins in the subsequent discussion.

With many offers available, you will likely need more time to quickly exhaust the earning opportunities the CashBaron app provides.


Another avenue for earning on CashBaron is by participating in paid surveys. However, it is essential to note that there is no assurance of earning from every paid survey offer presented to you.

To access the available paid surveys on CashBaron, simply login to the app and navigate to the "Surveys" section. Upon finding a survey, select it and answer the initial qualifying questions. These initial questions serve as a means of determining if you are eligible to proceed to the actual study.

Once you complete the qualifying questions, you will be notified whether you qualify for the survey. If you do not meet the criteria, you must move on to the following available survey, if any. However, if you successfully pass the qualifying stage and proceed to complete the actual survey, the promised coins will be credited to your account balance.

During testing, I observed limited survey opportunities, and qualifying for them takes a lot of work. Therefore, patience is vital when engaging with this earning opportunity.

I do not recommend relying solely on surveys as a consistent source of income. Consider yourself fortunate if you manage to qualify for a survey once per day.


You must invite someone to install the app and become a registered member to participate in the referral program. Ensure you share your unique referral code with the person you invite, and kindly remind them to input the code during the sign-up process.

Once they have completed these steps, they will become your referral and receive a reward of 250 coins. As the referrer, you will receive a 15% commission whenever your referral completes a survey on CashBaron.

The referral program may not be highly lucrative since your earnings solely rely on your referral's survey completion. Qualifying for surveys is not as effortless as it may initially seem.

Furthermore, I wouldn't recommend CashBaron as an app to refer to my friends. I will provide more details on this later on.

Payment Options

After accumulating coins through the earning opportunities provided by CashBaron, you might be wondering how to utilize them. The coins you've earned can be redeemed or exchanged for various rewards or benefits within the app's ecosystem.

While specific details may vary depending on the app's policies, standard options for utilizing the earned coins may include the following:

1. Gift Cards: You can exchange coins for gift cards from popular retailers, online platforms, or digital marketplaces. These gift cards can allow you to make purchases or access specific services.

2. Cash or PayPal Transfers: Some apps may provide the option to convert your coins into real cash or transfer them to your PayPal account.

3. In-App Purchases: Coins can sometimes unlock additional features, premium content, or exclusive items within the app.

4. Virtual Currency: In certain apps or games, coins may serve as virtual currency, enabling you to buy virtual goods, upgrades, or enhancements.

5. Donations or Charitable Contributions: Some platforms offer the opportunity to use your earned coins to make donations to charitable organizations or support specific causes.

Remember to review the specific options and redemption methods CashBaron provides to determine how you can best utilize your accumulated coins.

Where Can I Use It?

CashBaron operates exclusively on mobile, requiring a smartphone to engage in earning activities. However, it's important to note that the CashBaron app is only available for Android devices.

If you are an iOS user, unfortunately, this app is incompatible with your operating system. I recommend exploring alternative money-making apps specifically designed for iOS devices in such cases.

For Android users, navigating the CashBaron app is generally straightforward, and you will likely become familiar with its interface quickly. An advantage worth mentioning is that you won't encounter intrusive pop-up ads while using the app, which can enhance the user experience.

CashBaron Video Review:

Final Verdict

In conclusion, CashBaron is a legitimate GPT app allowing you to earn by completing surveys and offers. While it has some positive aspects, a few drawbacks should be considered before using the app.


  • Offers payment via PayPal

  • Available worldwide

  • Free to use


  • Very low rewards and difficult to earn big

  • High payout threshold

  • Only available for Android devices

CashBaron is a good app, but it falls short compared to more popular GPT sites and apps. The main downsides are the low rewards and high payout threshold, requiring a significant time investment to reach the minimum withdrawal amount.

My Recommendation

If earning online is what you aim for and want it to be worth your time, GPT sites like CashBaron are not the way to go. It requires way too much time and effort and the pay is extremely low.

If you’re thinking about generating more income for yourself online, you need to always think about these 5 things:

  • Profit

  • Scalability

  • Automation

  • Overall cost

And out of all the business models I have tested, there is ONE that has all 5 of these important factors and that’s Affiliate Marketing.

Selling other people’s digital products is not only simpler, it’s more profitable, cheaper and massively scalable. Oh, it’s highly automated as well.

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