Commission Jumpstart Review – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (Must Read!)

written byAaron Chen

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4/5 Stars

Welcome to the Ultimate Commission Jumpstart review.

I spent a few hours of my time barreling through Commission Jumpstart's online course and learning the ropes so I can give you a gist of what to expect! In this review, I’ll cover some of the important aspects, such as;

1.     What Commission Jumpstart Offers

2.     Who made the course

3.     Pros and cons

4.     Whether the methods showcased can legitimately earn you money

5.     If the whole thing is fake or legit

At the end of this review, I will also reveal a better alternative that has allowed me to earn full time passive income online, so keep your eyes peeled.

Anyhoo... onto the review ;-)

Come along as I walk you through some things you’ll encounter in the course!

Over the years, I've signed up for and reviewed dozens of make money, internet marketing and affiliate marketing courses, ranging in price from free to $10,000+.

Some courses I took were merely a waste of time, money, and effort. Commission Jumpstart has very reasonable pricing that delivers what it promises and helps you build your business from the ground up.

This course is reasonably priced, and they have some students who have succeeded after taking it. Commission Jumpstart also gives you access to a HUGE amount of expert training.

Who Made Commission Jumpstart?

The founder of Commission Jumpstart, Ross Minchev, is a well-known figure in the affiliate marketing community.

He is legit in terms of generating commissions through affiliate marketing.

Ross also has over 50k subscribers on YouTube, where he clearly proves his validity, which is an impressive feat. Overall, his course is well-balanced, and I understand his explanations better than some of the other classes I have tried.

Course Highlights

There are 16 video training modules and PDF files to look forward to. Here is the overview of the topics you'll encounter:

Part 1: Fundamentals - The basics of affiliate networks and affiliate marketing.

Part 2: Ideal Offers - How to choose a product offer to promote from ClickBank.

Part 3: Spying - Google Search - Learn how to spy on offers and master Google Search Operators

Part 4: Spying - Tool - Utilize a paid service to keep tabs on the bestselling deals.

Part 5: Creating Landing Pages - Developing a high-conversion quiz landing page and opt-in pages.

Part 6: Domains and Hosting - How to create an email, Domain Registration, and System IO integrations.

Part 7: Logo Design - How to create a free logo on Canva.

Part 8: Facebook Tools - How to create a fan page and use Facebook Business Manager

Part 9: Fan Page Exploits - Steps to making a fan page.

Part 10: Domain Verification - How to authenticate your domain on Facebook.

Part 11: Tracking and Pixel - ClickBank pixel integration, autoresponder, and domain completion on System IO.

Part 12: Targeting - Ads and campaigns, warming up fan pages, and split testing.

Part 13: Facebook Ad Rules - Understanding the advertising policy and what to watch out for.

Part 14: Facebook Ads Production - How to choose ad materials, AIP approach, additional targeting choices, and other Facebook targeting tips.

Part 15: Stats - LP stats and Facebook Ads Stats

Part 16: Account Longevity - Account bans, support, and ad account lifespan.

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is an outstanding website and funnel builder that is designed for beginner to advanced marketers. You can create complex sales funnels by using it. Luckily, this is also covered in the course.

Alongside paying the $297 fee for the course, you must sign up for ClickFunnels because the sales (quiz) page templates are a part of the Commission Jumpstart training module.

It costs $97 each month (after a trial period of 14 days).

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a trustworthy affiliate marketplace that enables independent authors to offer various digital products, such as software, eBooks, training materials, etc.

Take note: despite the drawbacks, ClickBank still has good products that have had years of success. DON'T WORRY, Commission Jumpstart not only teaches you how to make money, but it also teaches you how to source LEGITIMATE, QUALITY, and PROFITABLE products. It will be conducive when filtering through the marketplace.


  • ClickBank has a payment clearance method where users may make purchases securely. The benefit of promoting ClickBank products as an affiliate is the significant compensation rates, which range from 30 to 100% of the purchase price.

  • ClickBank is advantageous to sellers, affiliates, and customers because it provides a rigorous money-back assurance (within 60 days of purchase on most products). Other comparable affiliate markets exist; however, ClickBank is regarded as the most trustworthy one for that reason.


  • The drawback is that many products are sold under false names or anonymously. Those products are frequently subpar, deceptive, or downright dishonest.

  • Some online marketers claim that all products supplied through ClickBank are fraudulent and are not interested in advertising them.

Pricing: Is Commission Jumpstart worth it?

Over the years, I have scoured various courses that tell a similar tale. Commission Jumpstart's pricing? It is crazy reasonable. I’ve paid over $3,000 for the same content. The $297 cost is much better and provides similar, if not better, results.

Total Cost of Everything

⊛ $297 - course fee

⊛ $97 - Clickfunnels billed monthly

⊛ More or less $500 for ads

You'll likely have to cough up $1000 to start up. Your second month is when you should see profit IF you are a good student and you execute everything in the program.

Remember, if you don’t action anything you learn, the most amazing course in the world can’t help you!

Refund Policy

Commission Jumpstart offers an action oriented 30-day cash-back warranty on your purchase.

If you have enrolled but aren't happy with the results, you can opt for a refund only if you are eligible. Here are some of the conditions:

⊛ Subscribed to Clickfunnels

⊛ Viewed all the webinars and training videos

⊛ Has spent over $500 worth in ads

This is an excellent way to pick apart “time wasters'' from people who actually tried the lessons in the course itself.

You will need to provide documentation to support your claim for a refund under the Commission Jumpstart's policy if you've followed all instructions and are still dissatisfied.

I think this is fair.

Why buy a course if you’re not going to actually go through it, right?

Commission Jumpstart Video Review

My Advice For You

Commission Jumpstart is good for beginners and those interested in affiliate marketing.

It is one of the rare affiliate marketing courses out there that teaches you flexibility and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg for the info.

And after marketing online for over a decade, I know for a fact, that if you want to be successful online…

You need to make sure the business you start covers these areas...

  • Profit Margins

  • Scalability

  • Automation

  • Overall Cost

  • Barrier To Entry

That’s why for me personally, I like to implement this exact affiliate marketing strategy…


This is the industry that allowed me to 5X my old work salary and quit that job in April 2019 and travel the world.

If you’d like to find out more about how to model exactly what I did…

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