Digital Worth Academy Review: Is This A Legit Affiliate Marketing Course?

written byAaron Chen

We Give Digital Worth Academy
4/5 Stars

A lot of scam sites try to lure you in to teach you how to make a lot of money. However, there is a lot of noise in a space where only few are really legit.

Digital Worth Academy is advertised as a step-by-step program for building high quality affiliate sites. According to their promises, this course should be worth $797.

But is it a scam?

At the end of this review, I will also reveal a better alternative that has allowed me to earn full time passive income online.

In this Digital Worth Academy review, we will answer this question and much more as outlined below.

- What is Digital Worth Academy?

- How does it work?

- Who are its founders?

- Who is the program for?

- How much does membership cost?

- What does the program offer?

- Is it a scam?

- What we like about the program

- What we don’t like about the program

How Does It Work?

Digital Worth Academy was created to provide help to entrepreneurs in building genuine authority websites that rank well on Google, thereby hopefully getting unlimited search traffic online.

In addition, it provides all the training and tools necessary for entrepreneurs to do affiliate marketing and monetize their website properly.

If you want to figure out how to build a site, grow it fast and sell it without much effort the Digital Worth Academy can help.

They teach you how to create content that’s authoritative in Google, get free traffic and monetize your site with affiliate marketing before reselling for a 30x profit.

Who Are Its Founders?

The creators of the Digital Worth Academy are Sara Young and Andrew Hansen. Sara Young is an affiliate marketer with years of experience producing digital assets like websites, videos, e-books etc.

Andrew Hansen is a marketing specialist who has helped many businesses develop their brands and increase their visibility in the world.

Like Sara, Andrew Hansen is also a high-level online marketer, who supports his followers with access to excellent coaching programs and various other helpful resources.

Who Is The Program For?

Digital Worth Academy is geared primarily towards people who are new to the online marketing business. But the training is also very useful for people with some experience in this field as well.

DWA is for anybody who wants time to pursue projects outside of the office, for people who are serious about creating an online presence and those who want to create an income online.

DWA is not just for entrepreneurs, but also those with the right mindset that are prepared to work really hard and that are committed to success.

What We Like About The Program


  • The course teaches a model that is tried and tested

  • They can refund your money after 30 days

  • They have cutting-edge tools to help you learn SEO

  • They have a great support system and community to help those just starting out


  • SEO is SLOW

  • It’s tough keeping up with Google’s ever-changing algorithm

  • They only teach ONE lead strategy which is SEO

Digital Worth Academy Video Review

Digital Worth Academy Review - Final Thoughts

On the face of it, Digital Worth Academy is a great program that can teach you important things about building an authority website that you rank on Google to get traffic to. This is a tried and tested strategy but it's one of the most technical and difficult affiliate marketing strategies to execute. Most people fail at it because Google is a beast of a monster to go up against.

And if you can't get ranked, you're screwed because you're relying on a SINGLE traffic strategy to build your business on.

That is really the worst mistake you can ever make as a marketer and business owner.

There are much better ways to do Affiliate Marketing.

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