Instant Postcard Wealth Review: Instant Wealth Or Just A Scam?

written byAaron Chen

We Give Instant Postcard Wealth
1/5 Stars

Instant Postcard Wealth is a monthly cash gifting scheme where users send out postcards to make money. This small-scale income will snowball into a million-dollar empire, they promise, but the truth is that this is just another cash gifting scheme.

In this review, we will tell you more about this program by covering the following items:

1.     What is Instant Postcard Wealth?

2.     How Does Instant Postcard Wealth work?

3.     Who is Instant Postcard for?

4.     What we like about the program

5.     What we don’t like about the program

6.     Is this program a scam?

7.     Final Word

At the end of this review, I will also reveal a better alternative that has allowed me to earn full time passive income online, so keep your eyes peeled.

Anyhoo... onto the review ;-)

What Is Instant Postcard Wealth?

Instant Postcard Wealth is promising to provide you access to a “postcard system” that will show you how to generate wealth. The website claims that in order to do so, you need to buy and send postcards so you can start making $98 per day.

But like all cash gifting schemes that are built on zero retail products, this is probably a scam.

This program was created by Adam Walker, who believes his product is the key to achieving financial success.

According to Adam Walker, this program can help you take vacations, drive fancy cars and get a new house all while making money. Sounds too good to be true?

Let’s find out!

How Does Instant Postcard Wealth Work?

According to Instant Postcard Wealth, there are four steps that can help you achieve financial success:

You pay a $10 fee for shipping and handling and a $98 subscription fee each month in order to get the postcards and coaching guide.

You will receive the guide along with Adam’s templates and access to his mailing list.

You'll be told to send out 100 postcards per day. The more postcards you send, the more you'll make – apparently.

For every person you refer to the company, you will get $98. This can be tracked by simply printing or emailing a copy of your sale.

Just how someone could fall for this is interesting. Obviously, the people being targeted are those who are financially desperate;

they're not targeting people who already have money.

Cash gifting is a type of pyramid scheme with the promise of making money by convincing others to join. There are no exchange of retail-able products. This is illegal in the eyes of the FTC.

What Is Cash Gifting?

People usually donate some money in the hopes of getting more back. This is done by recruiting new people and trying to convince them that they are invited to be part of an income opportunity.

Cash gifting schemes are generally scams. They work by inviting others to join in a pyramid-like structure for compensation, with the end goal being gaining profit from those at the bottom. In the past, people had no idea they were being scammed or asked to participate in a scam.

Instant Postcard Wealth has revamped an old school, unpopular concept with postcards. The old method was to send these snail mail letters via postal service. That doesn't work out very well either.

Technically, cash gifting isn’t legal since only top-level management are the once who make money and there are no products on sale. Everyone else below them who is not part of management makes little or no money even though they do most of the work.

Who Is Instant Cash For?

This program should not be recommended to anyone. It is illegal and no one should take part in it.

What We Like About The Program

We do not like anything about Instant Postcard Wealth. The program is a dodgy business model, and sending a money-making system in the mail is not a great way to grow a real business.

What We Don’t Like About The Program

Instant Postcard Wealth is not what it seems and has evidence, right in front of you, that it is a scam. It appeals to people’s greed by making them think they can make cash without much effort.

You should also consider the possibility that not every person you send your postcards to will sign up for the program. In fact, you will be surprised by how many people don't respond to offers like these.

If you sign up for the monthly subscription, which is $98, then you might as well shred your money. There’s no refund policy in place and you can’t even get in touch with customer service about this.

Some people mistakenly believe that cash gifting is legal. However, the participation in these schemes is illegal and could land you in jail – so proceed at your own risk.

Is The Program A Scam?

Instant Post Wealth is not a legitimate service. The program is essentially a cash-gifting project that entices you to join its membership. You will also be asked to send out postcards asking people to sign up as well. It costs $98 to sign up, and you will receive a similar amount once your referrals become members.

The point here is to recruit as many people as you can, there is no other way to make money.

Instant Postcard Wealth Video Review

Final Word

There is nothing about how this program works that would make us feel comfortable about recommending it to anyone. Everything about it screams scam, beware, and stay away.

If you are fed up with the many scams out there such as Instant Postcard Wealth, and would like to know how to make actual money legitimately online, consider affiliate marketing.

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  • Barrier To Entry

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