Online Sales Pro Review: Worth It Or A Waste Of Your Time?

written byAaron Chen

We Give Online Sales Pro
3/5 Stars

Looking to know more about Online Sale Pro? This review is for you. In it you will discover what they are all about, how the platform works and the membership cost.

1.     What Is Online Sales Pro?

2.     How Does It Work?

3.     What Is Their Compensation Policy?

4.     What Are The Pros And Cons?

4.1.  Pros

4.2.  Cons

5.     Who Is The Platform For?

6.     Who Is It Not For?

7.     Can You Make Money Through Online Sales Pro?

8.     Is The Program A Scam?

9.     Conclusion

At the end of this review, I will also reveal a better alternative that has allowed me to earn full time passive income online, so keep your eyes peeled.

Anyhoo... onto the review ;-)

What Is Online Sales Pro?

Online Sales Pro is a platform for generating leads. OSP is bundled in two ways: as either an application and as a software. It is great for small business owners, new online marketers, and anybody looking to improve and expand their social media presence.

You may use it as a lead creation tool if that's what you're looking for. The system includes a detailed course of study, domain hosting, a landing page builder, and nearly everything that a business needs to run a successful email marketing internet business and promotional strategy.

How Does It Work?

Online Sales Pro is designed to assist you at increasing your business's leads and sales. It allows you to collect names, email contact information and contact numbers of customers who would like to purchase your products or services by using their platform to create capture pages and sales funnels.

Essentially they are a page builder.

They also offer traffic packages where you can purchase bulk emails to be sent directly to your capture page. The only issue here is the traffic quality is questionable and not very high quality.

You may also join their Online Sales Pro affiliate network and earn commissions by recommending new members straight to the program. Their referral program is highly profitable, with commissions going up to $500 for every sale, and that is definitely one of the reasons why Online Sales Pro is heavily promoted.

OSP's distinct selling feature would be their mobile app that lets you receive quick lead alerts, allowing you to capture hot leads quickly and follow up immediately.

What Is Their Compensation Policy?

Although the program is designed to support primarily lead generation, most people who sign up do so to re-sell the platform to others and earn a commission.

If this sounds like something you would also like to do, they have the following compensation plans that you should be aware of.

Basic OSP Membership

This membership costs $37 per month and is designed to reward you with $20 each month as residual commission for each person you bring into the program. A basic member has access to their lead management tool, landing page creator, and mobile application. The only disadvantage is that basic members have limited access to training resources.

VIP OSP Membership

The next level up from the basic membership is the VIP level, which costs $297 each year. Upgrading to this membership gives you access to a 12-month membership.

The VIP membership makes much more sense for someone who intends to stay in the program long term because it saves them $147 every year. Plus, it unlocks even more resources. You can get up to $150 commissions for each VIP you sign up or $20 when your sign up a basic level member.

MVP Feature

The program also supports an MVP add-on that goes for $97 monthly or $997 yearly. If you would like to stay longer in the program and are willing to try the MVP feature, the annual option make more sense. It will save you about $167 every year.

The MVP feature is meant to help increase your earning potential and designed for those who intend to resell the course.

What Are The Pros And Cons?


  • The program is easy to use

  • The tool is quite cheap compared to bigger competitors like Clickfunnels

  • It features a Facebook community where people support each other

  • It has an affiliate program for those who would like to promote products


  • There are better page builders in the market

  • It does not have an autoresponder attached to the system

  • They sell bulk email traffic which is low quality

  • They offer mediocre traffic training

Who Is The Platform For?

We would recommend this program to people who are on a budget but still need a page builder to create pages to collect leads and make sales. If you are searching for a less expensive software to join, OSP might be the right fit for you.

Who Is It Not For?

This platform isn’t for you if you run a substantial digital business, utilize lead generating tools, have a preference for well-rounded courses, or would like in-depth instruction on conversion or traffic generation tactics.

Can Online Sales Pro give you the basic setup to collect leads and make sales – yes.

Are there better options out there – for sure.

I have used Clickfunnels for years and they set the standard for funnel/page building software.

Can You Make Money Through Online Sales Pro?

From a technical standpoint, it is possible to make money using this software, if you know what you are doing and can generate good leads. We live in a time where landing pages, websites and sales funnels are important assets to own.

If you know what to do with these tools, yes, you can make money.

If you are an associate of the program, you could offer OSP to visitors and earn some commissions. You can earn between 30 to 40 percent commissions depending on the account you choose.

This sounds great, but remember, this is contingent on you understanding how to setup properly and get good quality traffic to your capture pages.

Is The Program A Scam?

No, Online Sales Pro is not a scam. It a digital software that you can use to scale and enhance your business so that you can get more leads and customers.

Unfortunately, you may be required to outsource your traffic or learn traffic strategies from elsewhere because the platform does not offer good training or quality leads from their bulk emails.

Online Sales Pro Video Review


OSP is an okay tool for marketing products and building out sales funnels. However, it is a mediocre software at best.

I definitely prefer Clickfunnels. They are the Ferrari of funnel builders, are simple to use, robust, perfect for beginners, and their pages look awesome.

Also, they have a killer affiliate program which I’ve made over $100,000 from.

The other thing to consider is that having the right funnel building software is just ONE piece of the money making equation.

You still need to understand how to get quality traffic to your capture pages…

How to build out the right sales funnel to convert your cold leads into customers…

And how to get people to know, like and trust you.

Without these things…

Your business won’t generate any profits.

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