Paidverts Review: Scam Website Or Legit Money Making Opportunity?

written byAaron Chen


We Give Paidverts

2/5 Stars


Welcome to our Paidverts review. Perhaps you have come across this site and would like to know whether what they offer can help you make money.


In this Paidverts review, we will take you through their system, and explain how the program works. We will also answer the following questions;

1. What is Paidverts?

2. How does it work?

3. Who is its creator?

4. Who is the program for?

5. How does one become a member?

6. Is the program a scam?

7. What we like about it

8. What we don’t like about it

9. What other features do they offer?

At the end of this review, I will also reveal a better alternative that has allowed me to earn full time passive income online, so keep your eyes peeled.


Anyhoo... onto the review ;-)


What Is Paidverts?

Paidverts is a platform that pays people to click on and watch adverts – PTC “paid to click”. These adverts only last a few seconds. The user is rewarded when they click on the adverts, and the rate is dependent on how many ads you are able to watch or the amount of time you spend watching these ads.

There are other ways to make money on the site other than watching adverts. You can play games, Clickgrid, take surveys, complete offers or invite other people to come to the site.

This site was set up 8 years ago by Joe Cook, an online entrepreneur in the tech space. The site has grown over the years and today has thousands of members. The site has paid out at least 10 million since it started operation. Not too shabby.


How Does It Work?

The site sends ads out to its members each week, Monday through Friday. The site sends out about 8 ads to a member’s account, and upon completion, you earn 96BAPs. Others earn even more rewards, as high as 200BAPs. A little research shows that the rewards a person earns are dependent on their country of origin.

The ads stay accessible for just a day, so you need to click and view within that time frame to earn points. This ensures more ads will be sent to you.


What Does BAP Stand For?

This is Paidverts’ currency. Members should view all the adverts sent to them each day. This will help you accumulate BAPs faster, which translates to more money.

Upon sign-up, all newbies are automatically awarded 265 points that they can use to attract adverts. BAP stands for Bonus Ad Points. A single BAP is equivalent to $0.0005. You need to be active to earn more ad points so that you have access to more adverts.


Who Is The Program For?

This platform is for people who are looking to make some money from home. People can make some money in the site, but it’s not worth you time if you are looking to earn full-time income. The biggest issue with Paidverts is that due to the extremely low pay out for every action, you can realistically only look at earning $1 to $2 a day even with hours and hours of work.

So that’s about $30-$60 a month working on the site for 2-4 hours a day.

Do the math and you’ll see that it’s way less than minimum wage!


How Does One Become A Member?

Signing up on the site is quite easy. You just need to provide the required information on their sign-up page. They will send you an email to tell you how to complete your registration process. The mail will be sent from a MyTrafficValue domain. This is just another site that Cook owns.

Once registration is complete, they will award you 321 Bonus Ad Points.

The site will give you a tour of the system so that you know how things work. Once your tour is complete, it’s time to take full advantage of the platform and earn some money.


Is The Program A Scam?

As far as PTC is concerned, there are many scams that drive people to question the authenticity of other PTC programs. Paidverts is legitimate, but might not be as good as it used to be when Cook ran things. The business and MyTrafficValue were sold off to another firm.

If you would like to work on this site without putting any investment, then you are likely to make very small money.

Alternatively, you can plough in some money to make profits first, but we would not advise you to take this route. It will take you a lot of time and incredible effort to see any profits.

The site isn’t a scam, but do you want put in hours and hours of work everyday, only to make a measly few dollars here and there?


What we like about it

  • You can easily spend many hours, have fun and make a bit of money

  • You can try it for free

  • They are legit and do pay out


What we don’t like about it

  • Earnings on the site are really low; people typically make between 40 and 80 cents each hour.

  • Some surveys are quite repetitive, and ask the same question, which can be incredibly boring.


What Other Features Do They Offer?

It is clear that there’s not much you can earn on the site. However, the Paidverts also offers paid memberships where you have a chance to earn bonuses.

The site offers upgrades that are structured as follows;

⊛ A month’s upgrade - $5

⊛ 3 months’ worth of upgrade - $14

⊛ 6 months’ worth of upgrade - $26.5

⊛ A year’s worth of upgrade - $50

The best payment approach would be to use the PV balance in your account. Do not use your own money to fund an upgrade.


Paidverts Video Review


Final Take

The platform is a legitimate site where you can earn little money and even have some fun while you are at it.

The problem though is that you’re earning around 40 cents an hour which is an insanely low hourly rate!

Even if it is online and you can do it from home, it really isn’t worth your time!

There are much better ways to earn income online especially if you have 1-3 hours a day to kill.

You really should be shooting for strategies that pay you $100+ an hour (NOT 40 cents an hour!).

The best online income strategies should have these things in place:

  • Profit Margins

  • Scalability

  • Automation

  • Overall Cost

  • Barrier To Entry

And the one strategy that I know of and have personally made millions from has all these things and it’s what I highly recommend you spend your time focusing on.

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