Shopkick App Review: How Much Money Can You Make With This App?

written byAaron Chen

In today's digital age, countless mobile apps promise to help you earn money or rewards, but not all of them deliver on their promises. One such app that has gained popularity in money-making applications is Shopkick. Shopkick offers users various opportunities to earn rewards and cash by completing simple tasks while shopping or browsing online.

If you're considering downloading the Shopkick app and want to know if it's worth your time and effort, this review will analyze its money-earning methods comprehensively.

1.     What Is Shopkick?

2.     Pros and Cons

3.     Things To Consider

4.     Ways To Earn

5.     Earning Potential

6.     Final Verdict

What Is Shopkick?

Shopkick is an engaging mobile app developed by Trax, a tech company based in Singapore. It allows users to earn rewards by participating in a gamified shopping experience. The app seamlessly integrates advertising for partnered products while collecting valuable marketing data. As a participant, you accumulate points known as "Kicks," which can be exchanged for gift cards, PayPal cash, and other enticing incentives.

Interacting with the app involves various methods, and we'll provide you with a general overview of what a typical Shopkick shopping journey entails.

Introduction to Products:

  • Watch short video advertisements.

  • Access additional resources like recipes, style guides, and informative articles.

In-Store Visits:

  • Physically visit partner stores.

Finding the Product:

  • Locate the specific product highlighted in earlier stages.

  • Utilize hints or information provided by Shopkick.

Purchase Completion

  • Ideally, purchase the promoted product.

It's important to note that this journey is designed to engage users and provide a gamified shopping experience while earning rewards through the app.

Over time, the experience becomes akin to a game, which may explain its addictive appeal, as acknowledged even by reputable sources like The app employs vibrant colors and celebratory confetti animations that burst onto your screen upon earning Kicks, creating a sense of accomplishment and excitement.

Nevertheless, it's essential to acknowledge that Shopkick has its limitations. Users may encounter app bugs, experience a need for more earning opportunities due to limited options, and face the temptation to make impulsive purchases in pursuit of rewards.

Things To Consider

Before downloading the app, you should think about the following six critical Shopkick facts:

  • Multiple Shopping Tasks: You can select seven tasks linked to shopping that Shopkick offers. You have the choice of concentrating on all jobs or just a few. The following section will explain these duties' specifics.

  • Reward Points: For each of the seven tasks you complete, Shopkick rewards you with points called "Kicks." These Kicks can be accumulated and later redeemed for various rewards.

  • Wide Retailer Network: Shopkick has partnered with numerous major retailers, including local and regional chains. You can find participating stores in various categories, such as neighborhood grocery stores, gas stations, box stores, and drug stores.

  • Reward Options: When redeeming your accumulated Kicks, Shopkick offers a range of reward options. These include gift cards, PayPal cash, and a limited selection of physical prizes.

  • Varying Earning Opportunities: It's important to note that not all partners offer the same earning methods. Some partners may provide points only for walk-ins, while others may not have walk-in rewards available. The earning opportunities may differ depending on the specific partner.

  • Sign-up Bonus: By signing up for Shopkick using our provided link, you can earn a sign-up bonus of 500 Kicks today.

These key facts provide essential insights into what you can expect from Shopkick and can help you decide whether to download and engage with the app.

Ways To Earn

Here is an overview of the different methods available to earn Shopkick points, along with detailed descriptions:

1. Walk-ins: Visit an eligible store and open the Shopkick app. Granting access to your location data is necessary to earn Kicks through this method.

2. Scans: Go to an eligible store and locate specific items. Scan the barcodes of those items using the Shopkick app.

3. Receipts: Take photos of paper register receipts and upload them to the app.

4. Linked cards: Connect debit and credit cards to your Shopkick account. Earn Kicks when making purchases at eligible stores using those linked cards.

5. In-store shopping: When checking out at an eligible store, have the cashier scan a barcode from the Shopkick app, similar to a store loyalty card.

6. Cash-back shopping portal: Access partnered merchants by clicking referral links within the Shopkick app. Earn Kicks by making purchases through those links.

7. Watching video ads: Within the Shopkick app, watch short videos, typically around 15 seconds.

Additionally, bonus challenges can sometimes offer opportunities to earn extra Kicks. For instance, Shopkick may provide bonus Kicks for actions like opening the app consecutively for seven days or scanning a minimum of 25 items within a specific timeframe.

Referral bonuses are also available. If you use a specific referral link to sign up, such as The Ways To Wealth, you can receive 500 Kicks (equivalent to $2). Sharing your referral code with others can earn you 500 Kicks if they earn points through walk-ins or scans within the following seven days.

Earning Potential

Once you have collected a minimum of 500 points, equivalent to $2, you can begin redeeming your Kicks on Shopkick. However, it's important to note that certain gift cards, such as Target or a multi-gift card for TJMaxx and related stores, can be obtained at this minimum threshold.

For most gift cards, including popular retailers like Walmart and Amazon, you will need 1,250 Kicks to initiate a redemption. You can start cashing out for most gift cards at $5.

Shopkick also offers the option to receive PayPal cash as a reward. It's worth mentioning that a 50 Kick transaction fee is included in the exchange rate of 2,550 Kicks for $10 when choosing PayPal cash.

In addition to gift cards and PayPal cash, you can redeem your Kicks for physical prizes. The options start at 12,500 Kicks, and one example of a physical prize available is a Yeti Rambler.

Keep in mind that these are the general redemption requirements and options, and they may be subject to change or vary over time.

However, I have trouble cashing out from my account. Although, after reaching out to their customer support, it was remedied ASAP.

Shopkick Video Review:

Final Verdict

Shopkick is a great fun way to earn a little bit of money while shopping and playing games, but it won’t pay the bills or turn you into a millionaire.

You could end up spending a lot of time on the app and only earning about $1-$5 a day with it. For hours of shopping and work, that doesn’t sound too promising to me.

What do you think?

I think if you have a few hours a day extra, you should be earning hundreds of dollars a day, not a few bucks.


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